The thing line between hearing and seeing

How to feel music

I think music is the most mysterious of arts. It doesn’t operate words or images. It has no figurative expression. It doesn’t directly define any object. It doesn’t have a recognizable shape. Music comes straight from our subconscious and is therefore also the most spontaneous and genuine of arts. It is an immediate reflection of our inner world. That’s why I love music so much. I have a whole ritual of listening to my favorite composers:

  • If it’s evening, I turn off the lights and if it’s daytime, I close the shutters.
  • I get rid of any distractions. I don’t drink tea or clean up or do anything else while listening to music. I’m fully engaged in the world of sounds.
  • I make myself comfortable on the sofa. I sit or lie very still. I close my eyes. And let the tune flow through me.

I can stay like that for hours, as long as the playlist lasts. I’m sure, if you try listening to music my way, you’ll find it to be a quite different experience! You’ll be able to discern many nuances and feel it deeper, resounding in your very soul. And that’s what I call listening 🙂

Singing colors

Have you ever heard about synesthesia? It’s some sort of a shift in human senses when a person can hear colors, smell music and feel other unusual sensations. I guess I’m a bit synesthesiac, too. Sometimes when I look at images I hear random tunes in my head. Perhaps it’s just a good associative thinking or dejavu, but it’s very curious to follow. The most recent case of experiencing something like that was when I saw this painting called ‘Written Music’ here. It’s painted by Leonid Afremov, a modern artist – a very cool one I should add. I looked through his gallery and was downright amazed by his works. He can really make the colors on the canvas sing 🙂 I guess it’s all because of that incredible technique he uses. He kind of dabs the canvas with a brush layering stroke by stroke until the whole surface is covered with patches of different shades. There seems to be nothing special depicted there, but the way it’s done fascinates you. Take this still life, for instance. There are just a few books, an ink bottle with a feather and a violin. But how magical it all looks! By the way, I’ve written music and lyrics to this painting 🙂 Perhaps I’ll share it here one day 🙂



The hardships and wonders of playing piano

Most people believe piano is one of the easiest instruments to play. That is before they try to remember notes and keys and play even a very simple tune without stumbling 🙂 I remember when I first started learning to play piano, it was a nightmare. My fingers didn’t want to synchronize. If I managed to get it like it had to be in my left hand, my right hand would run loose and tinkle something totally irrelevant. I spent my first year in the music school playing scales and arpeggios and damning the day my mom brought me here 🙂 But when I finally started getting the hang of it, playing piano felt surprisingly cool. I proceeded to learning more complicated compositions and could even play some basic stuff at sight. But most importantly, I realized how beautiful music can be. I grasped the grandeur of classical operas and the charm of etudes. I actually began to add 18th century composers to my iPod 🙂 However, after so many years, I’m still struggling to play some really fast things like ‘Flight of the Bumblebee.’ But I’m sure this guy would have no problem with it: This is a Guinness record of the fastest piano player. And yes, he is hitting just one key 🙂 But he’s doing it incredibly fast! Check it out, it’s worth seeing!



It’s a fine weather today, raining since morning. I love rain. It brings me into that delightfully melancholic mood that inspires people to write verses, compose music and paint pictures. My name is Nataly and music is my life. I’ve been playing piano since seven and I can’t imagine my life without it. What would I have done if my folks hadn’t sent me to a music school long, long time ago? Probably push a pen somewhere at the office. Instead I play Beethoven, Bach and Chopin and teach talented kids at the same school I graduated from. I couldn’t wish for a better job! Well, my coffee break is up and I have to go back to my piano. If you have anything to say about rain, music or art in general, I’m looking forward to your comments 🙂